"Sharing can be a way of healing. Grief and loss can isolate,
anger even alienate. Shared with others, emotions unite
as we see we aren't alone. We realize others weep with us."
~Susan Wittig Albert

Through our writing, we walk out of the darkness into the light
together, one small step at a time, recording history, educating
America, and we are healing.
~CJ/Todd Dierdorff

Saturday, February 19, 2011

The National Anthem

The National Anthem at the Super Bowl - this is an editorial sent to me via email by my brother-in-law, Dennis Kempf. Neither of us knows who wrote it, but they are my sentiments exactly ... and right on the mark.

“With all of the kindness I can muster, I give this one piece of advice to the next pop star who is asked to sing the National Anthem at a sporting event:

Save the vocal gymnastics and the physical gyrations for your concerts. Please, sing this song the way you were taught to sing it in kindergarten —- straight up, with no styling.

Sing the National Anthem with the constant awareness that there are soldiers, sailors, airmen and Marines watching you from bases and outposts all over the world. Don’t make them cringe with your self-centered ego gratification. Sing it as if you are standing before a row of 86-year-old WW II vets who are wearing their Purple Hearts, Silver Stars, and flag pins on their cardigans and you want them to be proud of you for honoring them and the country they love —- not because you want them to think you are a superstar musician. They could already see that from the costumes, the makeup and the entourages.

Sing “The Star Spangled Banner” with all of the heart-felt courtesy and humility and love that tells the audience, and the whole world, that our National Anthem is about America, not you.”

“I am only one, but I am one. I can't do everything, but I can do something. The something I ought to do, I can do. And by the grace of God, I will.” ~Everett Hale

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  1. Possible those who pick who sings the National Anthem should not hire people in the Pop Music arena to sing it! I couldn't believe she agreed to do it (major bucks people) and wasn't surprised at her peformance, which was less than great. I love her a Pop Diva but the National Anthem? Come on people. Whoever made the decision to hire her should be fired and somebody with some brains should be hired in his/her place. You cannot blame the performer when they are booked for the wrong venue!!!!!!!

  2. From Facebook Page:

    Russell D. Daily: I've never been able to put into words my feelings about those who taint the National Anthem with their ego. This piece does. Thanks for posting.

    Jan Hoffman Amen: VERY well put. I'm sure it echoes the thoughts of MANY Americans. Too bad the performers can't get this message!

    Just a thought ... In the Future, the performer signed to publicly sing our National Anthem should be given a copy of the Music & Words when signing the contract w/the agreement IN WRITING that they will perform this AS INTENDED by the Author!

    CJ Heck: I think that's an excellent idea, Jan. Where do we take the idea so it will be put into use?

    Jan Hoffman: Wish I knew! Maybe someone in YOUR circle knows someone who knows someone who ...
    It all seems so simple from someone like me, down here on the lowest rung of the ladder!

    CJ Heck: Maybe someone who reads this will know -- I agree with you, Jan, it should be so simple for these pop stars to understand for themselves without someone pointing it out ... it's a slam-dunk for most of us. They don't seem to get it.

    Jan Hoffman: Maybe THAT'S the Problem -- Stars Popping in front of their eyes! LOL
    The only other solution I can think of & again, it's so simple as to be a DUHHHHH -- put the words up where EVERYONE can see them @ the performance!

    CJ Heck: Yes! Now, do you we know anyone who actually gets to go to the Super Bowl? I sure don't.

    Jan Hoffman: Me, either !
    I wonder if Buck-o, Ann B.H., or Craig might know the answer!

  3. From Facebook:

    I hold the National Anthem in high regards, just like the Pledge of Allegience and The Lord's Prayer. If people can't sing it right or recite it the way it is written, then someone else ought to do it.

    I once saw a picture of a parade. The American Flag was passing by and the only person who was standing, was a man who had been in a wheel chair. He had to hang on to the chair to stand, but at least he was standing. I will almost gurantee he is a Veteran.
    Craig Latham


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