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Saturday, May 17, 2014

"Warriors Remembered": by Albert Nahas

IBJ Book Publishing
240 pages

A Photo Documentary Book  

100 Memorials from 50 States

It mattered not what politicians argued.
It mattered not what history would reveal.
We had no expectation but to serve where duty called us.
We asked for no reward except a nation’s thanks.

WARRIORS REMEMBERED is a 240-page, 11½” x 11½” hard cover photo documentary of Vietnam Veterans Memorials from all 50 states with stories of their significant features, locations and the motivation and struggle faced by those who built them. It highlights 100 memorials and their creators, and shares some of each memorial’s subtle details. WARRIORS REMEMBERED is both a travel log and a documentary.

Differing from memorials of other wars, here you will find no white granite generals or parade ground uniforms. Rather these memorials include names of the fallen engraved on black granite, dark bronze fighting men, or the wounded and the nurses who cared for them. Often they reflect the anguish of war and its aftermath. The author is eternally grateful to the selfless warriors and families who created these places of recognition, reflection and “welcome home” and who assisted with this book by sharing their stories.

A portion of the proceeds from this book will be donated to the maintenance funds of those memorials still without government sponsorship.

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What Others Are Saying:

"In the 1970s, political condemnations of the Vietnam War too often spilled over onto Vietnam veterans. But as Warriors Remembered vividly tells and shows, the American people have never forgotten the sacrifices made by our men and women in uniform, even in a war so politically unpopular. Truly a splendid book." - Tom Carhart, author of Sacred Ties

“This is a "must purchase" for Vietnam Veterans who came home to an angry, ungrateful nation … It will remind each vet that there was a silent majority …of Americans who did care and who care even more to this very day.

It is a great tribute and in my view, shows the way that a more grateful nation is trying to make up for its past sins. The write ups and the photography are excellent. In short, well done and much appreciated.” ~Tom H.

“This book is a true tribute to Vietnam veterans and if you have family or friends who are Vietnam veterans, I can't recommend enough purchasing this book for them. It is a wonderful compilation of information and photos from the many memorials around the nation.” ~Keith Hemmelman

“The author has done all Vietnam veterans and their loved ones a service with this book's high quality of research and visual presentation. Warriors Remembered has a story to tell that is both illuminating and thoughtful. Well Done.” ~G. E. Morris

“Warriors Remembered is an excellent chronicle of the many Vietnam memorials across the country, many of which would have otherwise remained undiscovered by those of us who care. Thanks to Col. Nahas for his perseverence in bringing this to print and for his fine narration - truly written from the heart.” ~Chris Pollard

“As a Vietnam Veteran I find this book to be very poignant and the quality to be of the highest order. I'm sure in my travels I have passed locations where I would have visited the Memorial had I known of its existence. I highly recommend this publication to all who served in Vietnam and were in the U.S. Military Service during the Vietnam era.” ~B. H. Clark

About The Author:

Albert Nahas was born into an Army family. From his earliest recollection, he was drawn to join the company of soldiers, the brotherhood of arms. 

He joined the Army in June 1967 as a young Lieutenant from West Point and found his way to Vietnam in July 1968. 

Wounded after six weeks at the base of what a year later would be called Hamburger Hill in the A Shau Valley, he worked his way back from a hospital in Japan to his same platoon in C Co, 2nd Bn, 502nd Infantry, 101st Airborne Division. 

He spent eighteen months with that battalion until Feb. 1970, as a platoon leader, reconnaissance platoon leader, company XO and company commander. 

In total, he would spend twenty-six years with soldiers, retiring as a Colonel.

His journey for WARRIORS REMEMBERED began in 2002 as an internet search to locate Vietnam Veterans Memorials. It took nearly six years of travel, research, photography and interviews to complete.

WARRIORS REMEMBERED is dedicated to all American Warriors, both male and female, and to his twenty-nine West Point classmates who made the ultimate sacrifice in Vietnam.

In his travels and research, the author has documented over 1000 Vietnam Veterans Memorials in 50 states, but feels he has missed at least that many more. His list of memorials is now posted under Find Local Memorials. 

Anyone who knows of other Vietnam Veterans Memorials is encouraged to contribute to a complete catalog of U.S. memorials for that war.

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  1. ten years ago I took the trip to the wall, too much feeling over ran me ,I couldn't hold my place but for a few minutes ..don't know if I can stand to ever visit that black beautiful tribute so many buddies


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