"Sharing can be a way of healing. Grief and loss can isolate,
anger even alienate. Shared with others, emotions unite
as we see we aren't alone. We realize others weep with us."
~Susan Wittig Albert

Through our writing, we walk out of the darkness into the light
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~CJ/Todd Dierdorff

Sunday, November 16, 2014

Enough: by Lance Pinamonte

Reverence ... or Shame?

Hope you like, CJ...

Enough ...

For the people who give their lives to this nation,
then watch the same war in different name take more
For it's not enough ...

To those who die from the chemicals we lay down,
then we ignore the death for the profit
For it's not enough ...

When the waters rise above our heads, lands lost,
we shun those with the reason
For it's not enough ...

The wealthy grow to hate the poor, grow richer,
to where they hold the future of all
For it's not enough ...

A place where lies and hate take the place
all for the promotion of fear
For it is not enough ...

So we ask the question that lies in wait,
"When will we be free of these things?
When will it be ... enough?"

God bless America.


Lance L. Pinamonte
U.S. Army - 1967 to 1970
67N30 Crewchief/Doorgunner Helicopter Mech.
Champagne Flight

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“I am only one, but I am one. I can't do everything, but I can do something. The something I ought to do, I can do, and by the grace of God, I will.” ~Everett Hale

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  1. This poem is heartbreakingly accurate. Someone who has served in the US Army in Vietnam has the right to say these things....and the crediiblity that should not be questioned. I posted this on my Facebook page. With great thanks to both Lance and CJ. Right on!

  2. On spot !
    Later Dee [ 815th/102nd Cbt Eng 75th Ranger US Army Rt.]

    Nam [69 70 71 & 72]

  3. Lance thank you for your service. I have to ask if you ever ran across a badass from Texas named Dale Allen Fox nick named "Bear" in Vietnam? He spent two tours there, maybe one year before you then possibly the same year you were there. He is two years younger than I, and our fighting in youth did him well. All kidding aside, he was a door gunner crew chief, and from the write ups on his air medals he was pretty damned good. I was in 1964-70 as a Navy Corpsman stationed with the Marines and Sea Air Rescue. He was 1st Air Cav. --Frank Fox


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