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Wednesday, January 21, 2015

That's the Air Force For You ...

Conex Supply Container

by Bobby Q 

(Bobby Quintana-Sena)

I remember being in the Arizona National Guard and being issued a weapon.

Then I went to Nam with the Air Force.  

In Nam, I was out in the bush and yet I could NOT have a weapon.  All the Air Force would give us was a weapons card. 

When the shit hit the fan, (and it did), they expected all of us to go to the Conex box and stand in line to draw our weapon. 

The place where I was stationed was about the size of a football field.  We had two M-16's on opposite corners, and another two M-60's at the other corners. 

There was NO concertina wire, just a barbed wire fence (a cow fence?) There were also no claymore mines -- nothing that we could have had whenever we needed it. That was the Air Force for you. 

I traveled all over the country and I carried a bayonet that I had "found", but I never carried a weapon. 

Air Force policy sucked ... and they wonder why I am all wound up and paranoid ... 

Bobby Q

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  1. I was at Tansonnhut and the day I got there I got a gun card and an ammo card. Asked what I was supposed to do with these. SMSGT tells me if we get overrun you go to gun line with gun card , then go to ammo line with ammo card. I said how about I take cover and when they kill you I can use yours. Not too popular with the SMSGT after that. In our RACON we had a gun rack with about 8 M-16's. They were so corroded they would never have fired! That was Nam! Thanks to all the Army and Marine brothers! -- Ron Benner


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