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Friday, January 23, 2015

Vietnam Vet Recipes: Breakfast Pizza

Frank Fox's Breakfast Pizza

by Frank Fox

I saw where someone had added a recipe for one of my favorites, Spanish Chicken & Rice!

Did you know that many of the things we like for breakfast can be put on a pizza crust found in your market, or grocery store?

It can compete with breakfast tacos, and it's all on one slice. It can be good any time of the day.

Here is my recipe for Breakfast Pizza:

Breakfast Pizza

*  One 12 inch commercial pizza crust -- lightly coat it with olive oil for a crisper crust.

*  Cover the crust with a spicy tomato sauce, like a picante sauce, or just a regular tomato sauce. Garlic powder can then be sprinkled over the sauce.

*  Scramble some eggs, or if you prefer it to be healthy, you can use egg beaters to go along with the zero cholesterol crust. Cook enough eggs to cover the crust, or as much of it as you like. Season the eggs to your taste.

*  Add your favorite meat topping:  ground sausage, chorizo, bacon, little smokies, Canadian bacon, or anything else you desire.

*  Add some Veggies: onion, jalapeno peppers, mushrooms, black olives, or cilantro, and maybe even add some hash brown potatoes.

*  Cheeses: top with whatever kind you like -- the world is your oyster!

Combine all the ingredients just like you would a regular pizza. It is best if you have one of those special round cooking stones. The crust becomes even crisper that way.

*  Set oven temp as directed for the pizza crust. Everything else should be cooked. Heat until all the ingredients are hot and bubbling.


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