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Friday, August 29, 2014

Live Free or Die: by Roger Sanchez

Don't Tread On Me
It is August 29, 2014, and in the past year or so, I have been thinking a lot about our country, our government, and the rising tensions in the Middle East.

It is my opinion after watching the television news on the main stream media and Fox News, that many Americans are not truly informed or simply don’t care about what goes on in the world.

Today, some things are evident to me: the Middle East is a mess, our government is broken, and Radical Islam -- if not all of Islam -- is a real threat to America and the free world. 

I see that the premise of Islam is to control the world in some form, or fashion. From what I can see, Islam is a religion not of free will, but of obedience to men who claim that they have authority through their Prophet to be judge, jury, and executioner.

I am a Christian whose God gives me free will to choose between good and evil, and based on those choices, someone who must be judged in what we believe is a final judgment. But whether you believe in a religion or not, as Americans we should all believe in one important tenet, “Freedom”.
[TENET: a principle, belief, or doctrine generally held to be true; especially: one held in common by members of an organization, movement, or profession]
Now with the battle cry from ISIL (The Islamic State in Iraq), “Convert or Die!", our battle cry should be “Live Free or Die”. What ISIL has shown is that there will be no mercy for those who do not convert to their way of thinking. 

For those of us in America who think that we can be diplomatic, or try to reason with the ISIL, or other Islamic terror groups, we might as well put a gun to our head and pull the trigger.  It will be far less traumatic than what ISIL has in mind.

ISIL has already said that they are hell bent on seeing America punished and made to conform to Islam or die. I say then, "I will fight to the death.  Will you?" 

So I believe we must get back to what made America great, the Constitution of the United States, and pledge allegiance to the Flag of the United States of America. Either you are a true American, a resident living here legally who believes in the American way, or you are not.

There is a real threat looming overhead today that is as real as the evil axis that caused us to fight for our freedom during World War Two.  We pulled together then. Will we do so now? 

True Americans must now be like Paul Revere during the Revolutionary War and sound the alarm. Only instead of, "The British are coming!", the call should be, “Wake Up America to the threat of Radical Islam!"

GySgt Roger A. Sanchez Sr.
Roger Sanchez
U.S. Marine Corps Retired 1969-1991

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“I am only one, but I am one. I can't do everything, but I can do something. The something I ought to do, I can do, and by the grace of God, I will.” ~Everett Hale

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  1. I enjoyed reading this and everything you said is true. Before the start of WW11, President Roosevelt turned a blind eye towards Nazi Germany and promised the American people that America would not enter that war in Europe. He also turned a blind eye when informed of the death camps in Germany and the killing of Jews. He allowed The United States to sell scrap iron to Japan which then Japan used to build 6-aircraft carriers that attacked Pearl Harbor and other weapons of war. In the meantime, German U-boats were sinking our ships in the Atlantic and he did nothing about it. Lastly, he had heard reports about Japan's aircraft carriers heading towards Pearl Harbor. Then came Dec. 7th and he had the balls to stand in front of Congress and pretend he knew nothing about Pearl Harbor.

    Now history is repeating itself, and this president is doing the same thing. It won't be long before ISIS goes after the oil fields and then the price of gas is going to be so expensive it will break this country's economy. I read two books MEIN KAMPF & AT DAWN WE SLEPT, BY GORDON W. PRANGE. and both books show what is going to happen all over again. It has already started but nobody wants to believe The United States is going to be destroyed from within. --Allen J. Folk

    1. Respectfully Mr. Folk you are not even historically accurate, and ISIS could not sell any oil if we isolate them much as we did Saddam. We had him isolated, and Bush decided to kick the fire ant mound and turn all Islamic terrorists against the world they found even more reasons to hate us. We jumped the wrong country. it was all Saudi's that flew into the twin towers on 9/11. Al Qaeda wouldn't dare step into Iraq, Saddam would Bar-B-Q them. The Saudi's wanted their good friend GW Bush to save their bacon. So he immediately jumped on Iraq and caused the loss of many American lives and countless civilian Iraq men, women and children, over a lie generated by a disenfranchised disgruntled prevaricator from Iraq nick named "Curveball". He told a lie to the French and Germans, and the French and Germans said the info was bad, but Bush and company picked it up, made up false data and sold it, and here we are many American youths later.
      I tire of people like yourself inaccurately citing History and inciting folks just because you don't like the current POTUS. I put up with Bush for 8 years and he was my President and I had personal opinions of him, but he was our President and I gave him that respect even after what he started. and the tragic loss of Americans that didn't have to be. Stop throwing red meat in the water. Even now the Saudi head is worried about losing his kingdom and trying to lure US back into Iraq.

      FB Fox Jr.

  2. Yes you are so RIGHT. My T shirt reads Live FREE or Die and I believe it. If the be-headings don't convince people we are a WAR with extremist Islamist then they have their heads up their a__. We need rallies here that shows a civilian force voicing a "LIVE FREE OR DIE" message to the extremist, Our President thinks talking nice to the extremist will stop them. He has a do nothing attitude and things will go away. He will be the cause of our failure from within if the people don't wake up and demand action to stop them where they are. We will be fighting here also. God Bless Our Troops for the sacrifices they are making and doing a job without a Commander in Chief who knows and understands what needs to be done.

  3. So much truth here. Disturbing truth. I intend to spread the word as best I can. Without a leader to inspire Americans, we must be one voice that demonstrates our allegiance. #livefreeordie


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